A-1 tender notices

  1. Providing and fixing flush doors at Sahyagiri and Gagangiri Hostel at DBATU Lonere.
  2. Soil filling at open spaces in  Library of Main Building at DBATU Lonere.
  3. False ceiling and painting work in the Computer lab of Civil Engg. Dept , Store Section and Estate Section (only Painting) at DBATu Lonere.
  4. Cleaning and Grass cutting around the premises of main Building at DBATU Lonere.
  5. Providing and fixing Sun Control Film in the IT Dept at DBATU Lonere.
  6. Repair and Reconstruction of Compound Wall at Raigad Darshan at DBATU Lonere.
  7. Painting of Roof truss and adjoining area at back side gate (Student Entry) of main Building at DBATU Lonere.