• 24 May 2024
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Health Care Center

About Health care Centre

The total dependent population is about 5,000 people which include students, regular as well as contract basis employees and their authorized dependents and the various non-entitled people like  sanitary staff, security staff, house-keeping staff, Hostel  staff so many other temporary staff etc. working in the University.

Available Services

  • Emergency Services
  • Medical Services
    • Routine Acute Care: Allergies, Minor injuries, Respiratory infections, Colds, Mononucleosis, Sore throats, Earache, Rashes, Sport injuries
    • Primary Care for Medical Illnesses: Acne,  Anxiety, Depression , Migraine headache, Asthma, Diabetes, Panic attacks, Back pain, Eating disorders, Urinary tract infection, Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension
    • Gynecological exam
    • Counseling
    • Various Camps
  • Pharmacy: Medicines are provided to the Health Centre dependents at free of cost from 9 am. to 6.30 pm. on all working days
  • Ambulance: The University has one functioning ambulance which is used for health care center emergency cases

Committee Members

Dr. S. M. Mhatre : Professor in charge | Dr. S. M. Pore : Advisor member| Dr. H. A. Akarte : Member| Mrs. Seema Swami : Member| Mrs. C. D. Sutar : Member| Mrs. P. N.Ware : Member


  • Dr. Sonali M. Mhatre : Professor in Charge
  • Dr. Manjusha Nalbalwar : Medical Officer 
  • Dr. Trishala Waghmare: Medical Officer 
  • Ms. Supriya Kondvilkar : Nurse
  • Ms. Kalpita Bagwat: Nurse
  • Ms. Priyanka Jadhav: Nurse
  • Mr. Prathamesh Rokade: Clerk
  • Mrs. Nilisha Andhere and Mrs. Kanchan Jangam: Helpers


The Health care center DBATU(Medical Facility Center), Lonere is located at IOPE building near SBI Branch DBATU. This Health care center is managed by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University Lonere.

Working Hours

The Out-Patient Department - OPD functions from 8.00am. to 7.00pm. on all University working days. Doctors are available on call on holidays.

Activities in last Two Years

  1. Corona vaccination camp– First Dose Camp
  2. Corona vaccination camp- Second dose Camp
  3. Corona vaccination camp – General Camp
  4. Corona vaccination camp- booster dose camp
  5. Corona vaccination camp – booster dose camp for faculty staff and students
  6. Free medicine distribution for infection due to worm

Best Practice: Free Medical Health Checkup and Treatment at University’s Health Care Centre (HCC)


  • To provide emergency and primary health care, guidance & counseling, free medical checkup, free medicines, and advice.


All the facilities, like medical check-ups and medicines, are made available free of cost to the students, staff, faculty members, daily wage workers, and their families. Thus, everyone on the University campus and nearby area is benefitted.


The HCC of the University provides free health checkups and medicines to everyone in the nearby community and even visitors also. Whenever any emergency arises or any unfortunate accident happens, the students get urgent treatment as the University is located away from the city area. Blood donation camps as well as vaccination camps are regularly arranged. During the pandemic situation of COVID-19, University ran the HCC and offered one hostel to work as a COVID center.

Evidence of Success

  • The exam going students are under stress and become sick, and HCC provided timely help to them.
  • Approximately Rs. 5,00,000 are spent on the medicines.
  • HCC is a 5 bedded hospital with provision of Oxygen cylinders and other instruments.
  • During the Nisarg Cyclone and pandemic situation, HCC proved a boon.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

  • Separate dedicated building can provide more space.
  • Specialized visiting doctors are not ready to come.
  • Blood investigation laboratory, ECG setup are required.

Total patients handled: 5523.