Dr. Brijesh R. Iyer

Dr. Brijesh R. Iyer
Assistant Professor

B. E. (E & TC).  &  M. Tech. (E & TC).
Ph.D. (RF & Communication Engineering), Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.
Phone No:

Email:[email protected]

Honours and Awards:
1. Indian National Academy of Engineers (INAE) research fellowship-2015-2016.
2. Best research paper award at IEEE MTTs IMaRC-2013 held in New Delhi during 14-16 December 2013.

Research Interests:
NANO Photonics/RF Front End Design
Pervasive Healthcare System Design and allied Signal/ Image Processing
Wireless Sensor Network Design / IoT
Education & Technology

Selected Publications: (Published in SCI Journals)
Brijesh Iyer, NP Pathak and D. Ghosh, “RF sensors for smart home applications”, Int. Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management (Springer), pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1007/s13198-016-0468-5, 2016.
Mansi Patil and Brijesh Iyer, “Performance analysis of PCA and ICA for facial expression recognition”, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol.436, pp. 965-976, Mar. 2016.
Brijesh Iyer, N.P. Pathak and D. Ghosh, “Dual-Input Dual-Output RF sensor for indoor human occupancy and position monitoring”, IEEE Sensor Journal, vol.15, no.7, pp. 3959 – 3966, 2015.
Brijesh Iyer and N. P.Pathak, “A Concurrent dualband LNA for Non-invasive vital sign detection system”, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, vol. 56, no. 2, pp. 391-394, Feb. 2014.
Kola T., Brijesh Iyer, N.P.Pathak and V. Rastogi, “Concurrent dualband diplexer for nanoscale wireless links”, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vo.26, no.18, pp.1832-1835, Jul. 2014,
Selected Publications: (Published in Refereed International Conferences)
Brijesh Iyer, N.P.Pathak and D.Ghosh, “Concurrent dualband patch antenna array for non-invasive human vital sign detection application”, IEEE APACE-2014, Maleshiya,Dec.2014, pp.150-153.
�Kola T., Brijesh Iyer, N.P.Pathak and V. Rastogi, “Metal-Silica-Metal plasmonic waveguide based concurrent dualband directional coupler”, IEEE APACE-2014, Maleshiya,Dec.2014, pp.217-219.
Kola T., Brijesh Iyer, N.P.Pathak and V. Rastogi, “Plasmonic Metal-Insulator-Metal-waveguide based concurrent dualband antenna for nanoscale wireless links”, IEEE APACE-2014, Maleshiya, Dec.2014, pp.214-216.
Brijesh Iyer, N.P.Pathak and D.Ghosh, “Reconfigurable multiband concurrent RF system for non-invasive human vital sign detection”, 2014 IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10 HTC), Chennai, India, Aug. 2014, pp.111-116.
Brijesh Iyer, A.Kumar, N.P.Pathak and D.Ghosh, “Concurrent multiband RF system for search and rescue of human life during natural calamities”, IMaRC-2013, New Delhi, India,Dec.2013,pp.1-4.
Brijesh Iyer, A. Kumar, and N.P. Pathak , “3.36/5.24-GHz concurrent dualband oscillator for WiMAX/WLAN applications”,IMaRC-2013, New Delhi, India,Dec.2013,pp.1-4.
Brijesh Iyer, A. Kumar, and N.P. Pathak , “Design and analysis of subsystems for concurrent dual-band transceiver for WLAN applications”, International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication (ICSC-13),Noida,India,Dec. 2013,pp.57-61.
Kola T., Brijesh Iyer, N.P. Pathak and V. Rastogi, “Design and simulation of plasmonic MIM slot waveguide based dualband bandpass filter”, Workshop on Recent Advances in Photonics (WRAP-13), New Delhi, India, Dec. 2013,pp.1-2.
Brijesh Iyer, M.Garag, N.P.Pathak and D.Ghosh, “Contactless detection and analysis of human vital signs using concurrent dualband RF system”, Procedia Engineering,vol.64, pp.185-194, 2013
Brijesh Iyer, M.Garag, N.P. Pathak and D. Ghosh, “Concurrent dualband RF system for human respiration rate and heartbeat detection”, IEEE Conference on Information and Communication Technologies(ICT 2013), Tamilnadu, Apr. 2013,pp.749-753.

Recently Taught Courses:
1. Principles of Communication Engineering
2. Electronics Circuit Design I & II
3. Electromagnetic Field and Compatibility
4. Radio Receiver Design for wireless system
5. Computer Networks

Membership of Professional Bodies:
Professional Service:
Reviewer of IETE Journal of Research, Int. Jr. of RF & Microwave CAD(Willey), IJSAEM (Springer).
Member, Technical Program Committee of APACE-14, ICACCI-14, ICCME-15, MALSPI-15, CNTIA-15, ICTEC-15, MOBIAPPS-15, I4CT-15, ICCCA-15.

Other Responsibilities:
1. Coordinator, TEQIP-II R&D Cell
2. Coordinator, Digital India Cell
3. Member, University Technical Event Committee
4. Faculty Advisor, TESSA(Dept. student forum)
5. Member, University Statutes and Ordinance Committee
6. Rector, Hostel Gagangiri
7. Member, Campus Development Cell