Department of Chemical Engineering

Faculty Members and Areas of Research

  • Dr. P. V. Vijaya Babu
    Research Interest: 1. Laminar Flow Heat Transfer Augmentation, 2. Non-Newtonian Fluids, 3. Environmental Engg, 4. Thermodynamics



  • Dr.  Vivek S. Sathe
    Research Interests: 1. Relay-based controller design, 2. Process optimization, 3. Modeling and simulations



  • Dr.  Yogesh S. Mahajan
    1. Research Interests Reaction Engineering and catalysis, 2. Reactive separation, 3. Reactive and Catalytic Distillation, 4. Energy Engineering



  • Prof. A.M. Ghugal
    Research Area of Interest: 1. Process Equipment Design and drawing, 2. Chemical Process Technology, 3. Plant safety and Utilities



  • Dr. Abhijit R. Chavan
    Research Interests: 1. Study of bioprocesses, 2. Environmental Engg, 3. Modeling and simulation, 4. Herbal Sciences



  • Prof. S.T.Khelkar
    Research Area of Interest: 1. Separation technology, 2. Mass and heat transfer, 3. Catalysis.



Research Scholars

UG Students

PG Students