University fees for Affiliating Colleges

The details of University fees for First Year Under Graduate & Post Graduate Courses for the A.Y. 2017-2018 are as indicated below. The University Fees is applicable to all affiliating Institutes of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere.  University Fees of the exact amount mentioned below is to be paid on-line through SBI Collect Only. The Admission Fees will not be accepted in CASH or CHEQUE or DEMAND DRAFT under any circumstances.


1) Students Aid Fund                                                     Rs.      300.00

2) Enrollment Fees (One Time)                                  Rs.      200.00

3) Examination Fees                                                      Rs.    2100.00

4) Avishkar & Indradhanushya Fees                          Rs.         30.00

5) UMIS Fees (One Time)                                             Rs.    2400.00

6) University Sports Fees                                              Rs.       100.00

        Total                                                                               Rs. 5,130.00

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Circular First Year Fee for affiliating colleges 2017