Research Facilities

Five -Year Roadmap to R&D activities (2018-2023)


  • To establish a QIP centre of MHRD in the department
  • To establish Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Photo Chemical Machining (PCM), Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC), Renewable Energy Sources, and Bio-Mechanics.
  • To establish centre for Precision Manufacturing.
  • To start M. Tech. Programs in CAD-CAM and Design Engineering.
  • The average research output of the faculty will be as follows:
  1. Three PhD students at any point of time per faculty
  2. One externally funded project at any point of time per faculty
  3. Two journal papers in peer-reviewed journals per faculty per year
  4. Two book chapters per year
  5. Two patents per year
  6. Three faculty on editorial board of international journals
  • 40% of the UG projects will be research oriented.
  • One international conference every two years.

Manufacturing Engineering
Thermal Engineering