Dr. Brijbhan Singh

Professor and Formerly Head
B. Sc. (Mathematics) University of Gorakhpur
M. Sc. (Mathematics) University of Gorakhpur
Ph.D. (Fluid Mechanics) Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
Phone No: 9422126078
Honours and Awards
• Second position at M.Sc. (Mathematics) in the University of Gorakhpur
• Third prize for the overall performance at the first DST-SERC, Bangalore University
• Journal Reviewer – Applied Thermal Engineering (July 2011) (Elsevier)
Research Interests:
• Fluid Mechanics
• Boundary layer theory
• Nonlinear Differential Equations
• Heat and Mass Transfer
Selected Recent Publications:
1. Ch. V. Ramana Murthy, S.B. Kulkarni, and B. B. Singh, Flow of an Elastico-viscous Fluid Past an Infinite Platewith Variable Suction, Defence Science Journal, Vol. 57, No. 4, July 2007, pp. 403-410 Impact Factor 0.304
2. B. B. Singh and I. M. Chandarki, Integral Treatment of Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer by Natural Convection from a cylinder in Porous Media, International Communication of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 36(2), 2009. Impact Factor 1.65
3. J. Singh, B. B. Singh and I. M. Chandarki, Asymptotic Behaviour of the Solutions of the Falkner-Skan Equations Governing the Swirling Flow, Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mechancis, Vol. 3, 2010. Impact Factor 0.157
4. B. B. Singh and I. M. Chandarki, On the Asymptotic Behaviours of solutions of third order non-linear autonomous differential equations governing the MHD flow, Differential Equations & Applications, Vol. 3(3) (2011).
5. B. B. Singh and I. M. Chandarki, Non-Integral Technique and Differential
Transformation Method for MHD Boundary Layer Flow of an Incompressible Fluid Past A Flat Plate, International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research, 1 (1) (2012) 46-64.
6. B. B. Singh, Asymptotic Behavior of Steady Flow near a Symmetric 3D Stagnation Point, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., India, Sect. A Phys. Sci. (Springer) (2012).
Books :
1. Brijbhan Singh and Imran M. Chandarki “A Qualitative Analysis of the Similarity Boundary Layer Equations”, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany (January 2011). ISBN- 9783843383394
2. Sanjay Baburao Kulkarni and Brijbhan Singh “Elastico-viscous Fluid Flows: Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows of Second Order Type”, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany (March 2011). ISBN- 9783844323252
3. Brijbhan Singh “A Qualitative and Analytical Analysis of the Laminar Boundary Layers”, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany (June 2011). ISBN-9783844383089