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Linked is the employment oriented social network. It is the social network of professionals. If you want a job, or want to go for higher studies, your potential employers look up for your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn recently launched it most ambitious students program, The Campus Editors. The aim of this program is to encourage students to write articles, post videos of their own creation on LinkedIn. This helps them to get noticed to their potential employers and hence opening the door of opportunities.

So I encourage all the students of our University and affiliated colleges to write articles and post videos of your own creation. Please follow the given procedure to publish an article:

1. Log in to LinkedIn

2. You will see the button of “Write an Article”. Click it and start writing.

3. After publishing the article send the link the to so that it can be promoted to various channels on LinkedIn.

Remember the following things:

1. The article should be your own creation. You CANNOT copy other authors. it is known as plagiarism. If found, the article will not be promoted.

2. At the end of the article include the hashtag “#IndiaStudents”. If this hastag is not included, we will not be able to find your article for promotion.

Is it done after writing one article?

No, you have to keep writing at least one article in 15 days so that you will be highlighted to your potential employers.

For any other queries please contact:

Rohit Baviskar
LinkedIn Campus Editor for DBATU
+91 7020779310

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