Inspiration For Youth From Anna Hazare

“Youth power is national strength” we believe if the youth power, is channelized properly for social and national betterment then the future will be bright, India will be the global superpower.

When I was 25, I was motivated by the thoughts of swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and many other saintly figures.

“The sole mining of life is to serve humanity” Leo Tolstoy

When I understood the meaning of real life, I took the oath, “Till my last breath I will serve my nation and society.” The result of that is my own village ralegansiddhi – where 80 % of population was unable to get two time food. No proper employment. Today 150 to 200 trucks of vegetables goes to the nearby market place. The villagers are getting occupation. Today 6000 liters of milk is supplied to cite. One’s there where 40 local liquor manufacturers in ralegansiddhi. Villagers is to manufacture local liquor to survive and fulfill their daily needs. Now from last 35 years there is no tobacco and cigarette shop in the village. Such positive change is possible only by the help of villagers and youths of ralegansiddhi, and for such effort we have not taken any aids from company neither we have received any foreign funds to do this communal work.

“The future of India lies in its villages” – Mahatma Gandhi

This way the villagers of Ralegansiddhi tried to make the Mahatma Gandhi’s dream come’s to reality.

We are broadcasting videos of the work done by the villagers for Environment, Village development, Watershed-Development-Programme, De-addiction, water waste management, agriculture development, abolition of caste system, abolition of superstition, educational development and many other 30 issues. We are uploading this videos on social media so the youth can simply view and get motivated. The youths will get inspiration and may develop their own villages, region and effectively the country. The viewers may raise some questions and doubt. To clarify such doubts, we have planned to keep video tutorials. This videos are not only the academic information but it is the applied evidence. From last 70 years we have experienced that the only speech (All Talks No Result) cannot change the country. For the effective change we need to preach what we practice and what we practice we should speak.

Saint Kabir said


कथनी मीठी खांड सी, करनी विष की लोय |

कथनी छोड़ करनी करे, विष का अमृत होय ||


Speech is sweet like sugar, deeds are like poison

Instead of merely speaking sweet we must do must do good deeds, the poison will turn into nectar.

Actions are more important than words.

To work in this manner, the youth needs Virtuous and righteous thoughts, activities and sacrifice. We are taking efforts to encourage youths who wants to do organized and constructive work. To convey this message to our young generation we need their email address where we can send a video link. We request you to send us email IDs of Principals, Professor and Students from your university and the collages affiliated with your university on [email protected] email id.

I was 25 years old young boy without any political and financial power and support, lived in a temple and did work for people and our country. I believe by watching this videos the youth’s will certainly develop interest and become encouraged and inspired to work for better society.

We are sending a YouTube video link for your awareness and anticipate if you watch the video and take the appropriate action.

Video link-

 With best Regards,

  1. B. Alias Anna Hazare