Dr. Yogesh S. Mahajan

Dr. Yogesh S. Mahajan
B. E. (Chemical Engineering) Mumbai University
M. Tech. (Chemical Engineering) Indian Institute of Technology Powai, Bombay
Ph. D. (Chemical Engineering) Indian Institute of Technology Powai, Bombay
Phone No:09421939941 / 9923188748
Email:[email protected]
Research Interests:
Reaction Engineering and catalysis,
Reactive separation,
Reactive and Catalytic Distillation,
Energy Engineering
Selected Publications:
1. Hiwale, R. S., N. V. Bhate, Y. S. Mahajan, and S. M. Mahajani, “Industrial Applications of Reactive Distillation: Recent Trends,” Int. J. Chem. React. Eng., 2 (R1), 2004
2. Yogesh S. Mahajan, Ravindra S. Kamath, Pramod S. Kumbhar and Sanjay M. Mahajani, “Kinetic study of the self-condensation of cyclohexanone over ion exchange resins – study of kinetics and selectivity aspects through batch kinetics and reactive distillation”, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 47, 25-33, 2008
3. Yogesh S. Mahajan, Nandkumar B Salve, Ankur K. Shah, Ravindra S. Kamath, and Sanjay M. Mahajani, “Recovery of trifluoroacetic acid from dilute aqueous solutions by reactive distillation”, Sep. Pur. Tech., 59, 58–66, 2008
4. Nandusekar P. P., Wagchaure V.M and Mahajan Y.S., “Measurement of Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) at ISPAT industries LTD – Use of Respirable Dust Sampler Technique (RDST)”, J. Env. Res. Dev.” Vol. 3, No. 3, 773 – 781, Jan. – Mar. 2009
5. M. V. Jadhav and Y. S. Mahajan, “Advancement of Chitosan based adsorbents for enhanced and selective adsorption performance in water/waste water treatment: review”, Wor. Rev. Sci. Sus. Dev., 8, 2, 276 – 311, 2011
6. M. V. Jadhav and Y. S. Mahajan, “Consequences of residential aluminium from alum coagulant on humans”, 1, 2, 22- 27, Int. J. Res. Chem. Env., 2011
7. M. V. Jadhav and Y. S. Mahajan, “Investigation of the performance of Chitosan as a coagulant for flocculation of local clay suspensions of different tubidities”, 4, 328 – 334, KESC J. Civ. Engg., 2012
8. M. V. Jadhav and Y. S. Mahajan, “A Comparative Study of Natural Coagulants in Flocculation of Local Clay Suspensions of Varied Turbidity”, Int. J. Civil Env. Eng., 35, 1, 1103 – 1110, 2013
9. M. V. Jadhav and Y. S. Mahajan, “Application of response surface methodology to water/waste water treatment using Coccinia Indica”, 2, 1-9, Des. Wat. Treat., 2013
Sponsored Projects:

Sponsoring Agency

Title of project

Grant� Amount


Co-investigators (if any)

A. I. C. T. E., New Delhi

Process Development in Reactive Distillation

Rs. 10,35,000/-

2009-12, Completed


U. G. C.,

New Delhi

Value Added Esterification of Trifluoroacetic acid in Dilute Aqueous Solutions: Studies in Reactive Distillation

Rs. 9,42,000/-



O. N. G. C.

O. E. C.,

New Delhi

Simulation Studies on the Sulfur – Iodine (SI) Closed Loop Thermochemical Process for Production of Hydrogen Using Suitable Simulation and Application Software

Rs. 7,41,000/-

2009-10, Completed


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